Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What Movie do you belong in?

Power Rangers Movie!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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Lauren has this on her blog. I can't believe the movie I belong in is Power Rangers - how embarrasing! Lauren belongs in Cinderella and Kim belongs in Tarzan, both much cooler than mine.


Crystal said...

Now this s what I am talking about! This is quality blogging. Anyway, I read your Power Ranger thing and I thought it sounded a lot like you.

I belong to ET, with a strange sense of never belonging the closest thing to a friend in my life is a teddy bear (Scott's like a teddy bear). But I shouldn't lose hope, there are others out there just like me. That is sad!

I may post this on my blog too.

Scott said...

I am Fight Club.

Scott said...


Crystal said...

Oh honey you are not in the Fight Club you are in the Cute Club!

Lauren said...

Crystal and Scott... must you push the mushy love stuff upon us all??? Gross.
Well, its cutely annoying. But it is okay.

Scott - a bunch of my friends are in Fight Club too. I wish I was that hard core.
~psh~ Cinderella... I guess it is sickeningly appropriate for my current situation. man, I gotta get a job and stop cleaning the house.

Scott said...

What's this Crystal AND Scott stuff? Was I being mushy? NO. I was fighting. Fighting is not mushy. Nope, nothing mush about fighting.

No mush here.