Tuesday, June 28, 2005


YEA!! Noah get's home from JRTC today!! Noah, come say something amusing on my blog, I miss you! We will be going to see Noah and Lauren on Thursday! I can't wait! I'm a little nervous about the 13 hour train ride with Malachy and a butt load of luggage to drag along. It will be an adventure and a page in the scrapbook, so that makes it worth it!


Lauren said...

Talk about being excited for Noah to come home... I've been counting down the hours since i woke up this morning. I even took Tylenol PM last night so that I would sleep as long as possible becasue I have nothign to do all day but wait for him to come home (my life is sad, I know). He is supposed to arrive at the airfield up here between 8 and 9 (7 and 8 for you guys in CST) and he will call me from the ground so I can head over to his Co. Headquarters to pick him up. YAYAYAY!

I am also very excited for ya'll's visit. The house is almost ready: cable installed, boxes unpacked, furniture arranged, house cleaned, sheets washed and beds made. All that is left is for (1) Noah to come home, (2) the couch to be delivered (tomorrow morning), (3) and for you guys to get here!!!!

Our house is just about ready for your visit!!!

Lauren said...

hey, fart poop booger ....poop

Steph Stanger said...

In case anyone was confused the second Funky Chicken comment is Noah not Lauren....I hope =)

Lauren said...

as I just read "my" second comment, I will have to say that steph is right... that was Noah. Noah's home!!!! Annoying immaturity and all his other cuteness... hes home!!!