Friday, June 24, 2005


Ok, this week has had its share of fantastic moments (playing with Malachy in the blow-up pool at Mom and Dad's, buying matching dresses for Kim and I to wear to Aunt Ann's wedding, having Tommy Walker call me bossy) and many more!! However this week has also had it's share of absolutely horrible moments too!

First of all, I'm getting the feeling that some people I thought were friends of mine (not super friends but pretty good friends) are not my friend at all. And that's akward for me! I'm not sure how to handle it, do you just quit talking to them and let the friendship die? Or do you try to pursue it despite the overwhelming feeling that they talk bad about you any chance they get? I understand there is a fair amout of bad one can say about me, but having friends do it isn't the best feeling. So I'm trying to figure that out and it's hard - well actually, it's more annoying than hard right now.

Second of all, I had a challanging week at work! Last week was the Art's Conference and I worked a butt load under some stressfull circumstances. So I was already a complete mess going into last weekend. Then we were short handed for the weekend and set up was a complete disaster. So in an effort to do my job well and take care of my volunteers, I sent out an e-mail to the programing folks at Promiseland. I know I have a tendency to come off too sharp, so I had Mark and Kim read it to make sure I didn't sound too...anything...and that I was clear in my point. Once I had their approval and encouragement I sent it off....that was a mistake. I just felt crapy about it afterwards. Like people were thinking I was being dificult. The whole thing got blown out of porportion and I feel uncomfortable about it.

Also, Mark and I have been super snappy with each other! Mostly because we are both way stressed out at work and with money. (we're trying to save for our fast approaching vacation!) So that's been a huge downer. I haven't gotten to see Crystal in forever and I really miss her and our Bible study! And working so much extra the past couple weeks made all my house work pile up on me...YUCK!!

What a nightmare!!! I can't wait until vacation! Well I better ge to bed. We have to get to work early tomorrow. Who ever decided to put Arts Conference, Volunteer Celebration, and Baptism this close together is NUTS!


Crystal said...

Hello my friend, I am sorry about those horrible moments. So I took out my trusty old Bible to see what God had to say about gossip. This is what He said, He said "Steph, you are in the midst of lions; you lie among ravenous beasts - men whose teeth are spears and arrows, whose tongues are sharp swords." If you don't believe me look it up yourself in Psalm 57:4. OK well David said that to God. As you may know I like to use my study Bible and read what the nice people say about each verse. For this particular verse they said that "At times, we may be surrounded by people who gossip about us or criticize us. Verbal cruelty can damage us as badly as physical abuse. Rather than answering with hateful words, we, like David, can talk with God about the problem." Also I found the "theme" for this Psalm interesting; it is "God's faithful help and love in times of trouble. When we face trials, God will quiet our hearts and give us confidence."

OK so that is my little Bible study I did tonight on gossip. Which I am guilty of quit often.

Well I am going to bed. I am up late because my sister's were over baby-sitting Karen's kids here tonight. My Dad has to be in bed by 6 so he asked if they could baby-sit over her. They had the little dears until 12:30ish. I am beat!

Good night!

Lauren said...

Steph, tell Mark that Noah has...
Super Monkey Ball 2
Wario Ware, Inc.
True Crime: Streets of LA
Mario Kart Double Dash
Luigi's Mansion
StarFox Adventures
Tales of Symphonia
Mario Party 4
Kelly Slater's Pro Skater

He may have more somewhere here or out on loan to someone, but these are the ones I could find.
Oh, and tell him that the game he wanted for his b-day was Phantasy Star Online (I think).
I'm not sure why this info is important but i told Mark I'd get it to him... so, here you guys go!

See you in, like, 5 days!!!!