Friday, August 05, 2005

Baby Mark

That outfit is has a built in bow tie!!! See there are some advantages to having brothers a decade older then you...classic hand me downs!

I can see alittle one month old Malachy in there.

Malachy would never make a face like that! Or wear yellow butterflies! Just kidding he dose both...often!
Where did that blonde hair come from? Look at those two little front teeth! So cute!

I didn't have any other Baby pictures of mark in the computer so I added this one. Isn't he cute! Malachy will be adorable no matter who he looks like! Im still hoping it's me though!


Crystal said...

You stole my idea! I was going to do baby pictures of Scott. He was the cutest boy in the world (besides Frankie). I'm still going to do it. I will get the pictures this weekend. I am totally not kidding I really was going to post pictures of Scott growing up!

Mark was so cute, I see Malachy.

Go Mark! =0D

Beef Fritters said...

Ummmm...mark, did you pick those photos? There is maybe 1/2 where you don't look funny....I mean now you are quiet the catch and I can see how Steph could bring herself to do you. In all honesty I don't know how I have been stopping myself all this time, however now that I have seen your baby pictures that will be no problem.

Steph Stanger said...

beef fritters...are you Noah or Lauren? (I'm not sure at this point which would be better =>)
These are the only "baby" pictures of Mark I have! I have much cuter toddler pictures I will post later. It'snot all mine or his fault...his parents wern't as skilled in fashion or photography as some us are but they are great at lots of other thingd!

Crystal said...

It is so obviously Noah, dah, it says on his blogger profile that his real blog is on xanga. We all know Laurens blog is on blogger (way better than xanga, BTW!). And he has Colin Firth (totally hot, BTW) on his xanga blog. Gosh Steph you need to watch more Law and Order or something you are definintly lacking in your detective skills.

Steph Stanger said...

well I know beef fritters is Noahs blog for commenting on blogger blogs I guess I was just half hoping it wasnt Noah talking about "doing" my husband. And he has commented under Laurens Funky chicken name before so he throws me off.

Crystal said...

OK I understand your confusion now. Those Traynor's are always messing with everyone's heads.


Lauren said...

Great detective skills, Crystal! Your are right that Beef Fritters is that crazy, up-to-no-good Noah.
Steph, I am also disturbed that Noah wants to "do" Mark... however, after seeing him with all his buddies at the company picnic today, his post does not shock me. Actually, very little of your brother's demented humor shocks me anymore. (might be becasue I am just as disturbing with my girlfriends... oh yeah!)

On the contest... you and Malachy have the same long face, buggy eyes and uncontrollable tongue issues. However, I think as far as expression and shape, etc. he looks like the photos of Mark as a little boy and today. While i think that he is a good mix of the two of you, I would still say that he looks more like Mark.

Sorry , Steph.
He most definitely looks like you, too, I just lean more towards Mark.

Kim... I don't see the resemblance to you. Sorry, dude.

Lauren said...

Oh, and Steph, I also know what I'm getting you for your birthday, but I may not be able to get it to you by your b-day. But, it will come and I'll try my best to get it to you by the 20th.

Kim Traynor said...

Hmmmm, the first three pictures of Mark are bad angles and don't really help us at all. The third one is about the right age, and I think it looks less like Malachy than Steph's pictures. The fifth picture shouldn't even be in the contest (even though it's cute) 'cause it's totally the wrong age.

So my vote goes for Steph

Scott said...

I'm not sure he looks like either of you.