Wednesday, August 31, 2005

babies are fun!

Sooo the other day, monday night, I was taking a bath with Malachy. We often take a bath together at the end of the day...he loves it! He plays with his rubber duckie, a blue cup and he tries to hit every shampoo bottle he can reach on to the's great fun. Normally I will take a seperate shower later to wash my hair and stuff but I was really tired so I decided to do it in the bath with Malachy. While I was rinsing the soap from my hair I noticed Malachy loking extremely pleased with himself. I got up to see what was so excieting and there were serveral poopies floationg around my bath....ARRGHHH! Baby thought it was awsome! Needless to say we had to end bath time and take an extra hot and soapy shower!

Other then that exctiement (and the never ending sickness!) it was a super fun weekend! After the zoo Mark and I went to the mall. Malachy got a new outfit from baby gap that is soo cute. He also got his very first cup of Vanilla Ice Cream, he loved it! AND Malachy got 2 new stuffed animals at the disney store! Mark got to play his baseball game when we got home and I got some sleep!


Meghan said...

I do apologize, but I laughed out loud when I read the part about the floaters in the bath. Babies are awesome.

Lauren said...

what Meg said.

Though, I think that I owe Malachy $2 now, instead of the $1 for being a naughty little baby on the train ride on July.

(yes, I pay my nephew for terrorizing his parents. Why? because I'm Cool Aunt Lauren and I live 800 miles away.)