Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Great America

So I went to Great America yesterday with the Promiseland Production crew...and some programmers...and it was fun! Well it would have been more fun if Kevin didn't insist on us staying until 10!! (we meet at church at 7:30 and got there 30 mins prior to opening). So it was a 15 hour experience! Most of us had about 3 hours of "oohhh my gosh my head is going to fall off...when will the pounding end" around 3-6. After some time in the air conditioned Imax and dinner we felt better!

I went on Superman, Mark's favorite ride, and while it was cool I will never do it again! Other then the lock down harnass thing there is nothing between you and certain death! It does feel somewhat like flying and is a great ride if you can handle it. It's terifying... for me!! I "challanged" the Raging bull 3 times...my favorite ride by far! Did the giant drop and American Eagle. Iron Wolf was a mistake if you have ever been on it you know what I mean. The other new rides I wanted to check out were closed....booo! We didn't go to the water park but with the mad heat we probably should have!!

Im glad I went but next year I'm gonna talk to Kevin about this staying open till close thing!


Scott said...

Superman is pretty fun, but the one that really freaks me out is the Vertical Velocity. When you go up backwards and it stops at the peak I weep like a child.

Crystal said...

I'm so glad you had fun at Great America even though you had to be there all day. I wouldn't like that either.

I had fun hanging out with you today and seeing Nicci. Her kids always impress me and I think Nicci is an outstanding mom. Not to mention her kids are GORGEOUS!!

Last thought, Malachy is SO cute and you are an amazing mom and wife!!!!!

Lauren said...

I say, "go hard or go home."
I mean, is there any point in going to Great America if you don't stay ALL DAY LONG?!?!?!?!?!

Sara said...

Holy cow... all day. That's a bit much. I wonder if I would be scared to go on a roller coaster now, I haven't been on one in years. It looks like a lot of fun!

How was Nicci? What did you guys do?

Steph Stanger said...

it was great to see Nicci! We just hung out at my house! I'm hoping we will get to go out again and talk more! Her kids are awsome! Chloe is beautiful!! It's crazy how old she is. I wish she lived her because I would love to hang out with her. Todd is super cute too! He got a splinter and was trying to be all brave! He wears his heart on his sleeve and is so laid back and friendly! I adore them both! I miss you both so much! I feel very luck that were all still friends.

Beef Fritters said...

"Did the giant drop and American Eagle." I read this sentence eight times before it made since. way to go