Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Interesting week ahead

The Summit or "Bill's conference" as some call it starts tomorrow! I'm excited it is an amazing conference! Bill and Rick Warren will kick off in the A.M. There will be a bunch of great speakers!! I can't attend the whole time because I do have work to but I will see all of Thursday and part of Friday!

Then this weekend I'm going with Kim to the art thing...should be interesting. I will let you know (as will Kim) how that all goes. It will be interesting to see our different interpretations!! I'm afraid she won't make any money...and not because her Art isn't Kick @$$!! ...but because the person who is organizing it said she can't price her "original art" for under $100. I just don't know any people who go to outdoor church art fairs with $100 cash looking to buy art? But who knows! I think regardless... the money, time, and ENERGY that Kim and the rest of us who have helped her have invested will be worth it. The experience is one Kim really needs! To be with other Artist and to just put her stuff out there! It's a brave new step! Her work looks amazing framed! I wish you could all see it! I'm sooo proud!

Then next week is mine and Marks anniversary as well as my B-day!! Kim will be babysitting! Mark and I will be partying! Can't wait! I had to post that crazy photo in honor of our anniversery! Marks friend Peter did that, it's from our rehersal and wedding. Hopefully next week I will have time to post some more wedding pictures! It's a sad story about our wedding pictures! I lost my favorite one!


Sara said...

Good Luck to you and Kim... the art conference should be fun.

What happened to your favorite wedding picture?

Steph Stanger said...

I had it in a book because I was going to get it copied and I lost the book at church! We never ordered prints because we didnt have enough money but we had the proofs and it was the proof I lost!! I'm still so sad because it was the only one I really liked myself in!

Beef Fritters said...

you didn't even scan it? that is crazy. sorry you lost the photo steph.

seegeepee said...

You're just going to have to get married again.

Crystal said...

I want to talk to you more about the leadership summit. I can't wait to talk about it actually. Sounds like you really enjoyed it after talking to you today.

Oh shoot! Is there anyway we can have small group Monday or Tuesday night? I am leaving for the camping trip Thursday. Let me know. I really hope we can have small group before I go.