Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm NOT pregnant

Sooo its been strange, people at work have been asking Mark (and a few me) if I'm pregnant?! I don't know why or how that rumor got started so I began to think about it ....

1. I have gained 15 pounds in the past 3 months

2. I have zits covering my face

3. I'm ALWAYS tired or sick

4. I have been grumpy and emotional for the past 3 months

5. I talk about how I want to be pregnant so I don't have to do manual labor

All of these things are true and while yes it would look like I'm pregnant...I'm not. I may, however, be going slightly insane from the lack of sleep, nutrition, and quiet time. But be encouraged...I am still working on my action plan for a happier, healthier me and I do hope to be pregnant again in about 8 months. Until then I will try my best to be less lazy,moody, and emothional I can't make any promises about the zits or weight gain!


seegeepee said...

The odd thing is, you always look 15 pounds heavier.


Sara said...

Wow, 8 months, that's so cool. I can't wait to see if you guys have a little girl. Hee, Hee. You can name her Sara (J/K). Are you feeling better about the whole "C" section thing? It had to be hard being in labor all those hours and then having to have a "C" section.

Steph Stanger said...

"c" sections SUCK...I don't feel better about it at all, it was the most traumatic thing that ever happened to me...but Malachy was worth it and I'm sure Baby 2 will be also! And it will probably be easier this time because I won't do the 24 hours of labor thing or (hopefully) be as scared!

Lauren said...

Nice try, Sara. But if they have a girl it will be named Lauren. Sorry, that is just the way things work.

Crystal said...

What ever I am the best friend she will be called Crystal or Starr! Back off ladies!

Seriously though I am really considering naming my next baby Clair Renee or Claira Lee Renee, Lee if for Jami. Or I will have to go with a really long name and call her Claira Lee Michelle (after Kim) Renee Kunze. WHEW!!! I need to get rid of some friends.

See you soon Stepher's!

Sara said...

I like those names Crystal. They're beautiful. I always like Emma Rose.

Steph - I heard (from Carly that has done both) scheduled C-sections are SO much better than what you had to go through. You know the date and you can have it all planned out. Plus, it's less than an hour and your all done (well except for that whole recovery thing). But like you said, Babies are worth it. The cool thing is I should be home so I can come see you!!! YEAH :)

Lauren said...

Crystal, you can name a kid after me too. I've got a bunch to choose from:
Lauren ... my first name
Anne ... my (former) middle name
Celeste ... my confirmation name
Gerc ... maiden name & would be totally hip
and, Traynor ... though that might not sound very cool.