Tuesday, August 02, 2005


My head has been hurting for over 3 hours now! Saddness!

Kim has posted some new paintings on EBay, check them out! You can find them by searching Traynor Original Art.

We had a nice time with Marks mom and Rilley! I got an early birthday present! Yea for me, it's the creative memories circle crooper thing! AND I got 8 pages done...holy crap thats amazing! Crystal, I still want to go to the scrapbook store and do my vacation pages! After the 15th (pay day) we should do that...maybe for my b-day we can make it a girls night out and do dinner! I'm gonna be 26!! (right?) Man we are all getting so old!

Can't wait till Sara moves back here she likes scrapbooking AND Harry Potter! Did you finish the book Sara? When you move back her you should totally join our small group! It's Crystal, Kim, and I and we go to Borders, get coffee and do small group on Thursday nights. Its kind of our own thing, Kim leads it.

Ok well hopefully something interesting will happen at church tomorrow so I have some blogging material! It's the Family Experience New Com...shoud be interesting!


Crystal said...

We are going to church tomorrow but Scott's Mom e-mailed me today and asked if we would sit with them so we are. Just wanted to let you know.

I will comment more later I have a headache too and Scott is out running so I thought I would check the blogs really quick and I had a lot of comments I had to respond too. And now I am writing too much when I could have commented on what you wrote already. So now I will.

Scrap booking for your birthday, yes let's do that. I have only been wanting to sense you started your job.

Sara joining SG, yes sounds great!

You got fun early gifts, how thoughtful and wonderful. I can't believe I forgot Kimmy's birthday!!! I have bad friend disease.

OK I think that is it.

Must lie down.

FYI, I don't have a grumpy head ache just a head ache.


Steph Stanger said...

cool, Mark says New Com will be great! Is all well with you... I saw you said to Jami,"I NEED YOU" hope all is well. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Lauren said...

Steph... I have a headache now, too. How weird. I hate this one alot because Iam really tired and want to be in bed right now but all I do is toss and turn because my head hurts. Suck!

I turn 22 on Saturday. Now, that is old. Really. I mean, 21 is fun and screams "party time!" But 22 is old and boring. Add the aggrivating factors (married, unemployed, new state with no friends, ...) and that makes for a pretty OLD gal. I might as well give up now, buy lots of sweats and bon bons, get really in-to soap operas... sitck a fork in me... I'm done.

Meghan said...

Ladies, y'all ain't gonna believe this, but. . . I've had a headache all day too!!! How strange! Maybe there's a super sonic pulse in the atmosphere that's affecting those with high estrogen levels. . .

I had no idea you were into scrapbooking! I did a book for my trip to Disney World, I'll bring it home next time I'm going to see you so we can share some layout ideas. Anytime I'm in town I'd love to go to the scrapbooking store to browse and drool over the papers and stickers and embellishments!

Crystal said...


Meghan didn't know you were into scrap booking!?!?!? I know she has been to your house Stephanie Renee. I can't believe you didn't bring out the scrap books. Who are you?

Steph Stanger said...

Sooo true...it is starange I didn't show Meghan the scrapbook...hmmm...must be old age! I can't wait to see your boo Meghan!

Dad said yesterday was a "high Polution" day because if the heat. I'm thinking maybe that's what caused all the headaches!

Lauren I want you to know I can't get your birthday present till after the 15th because of the stupid car thing! But I'm thinking of you and looking forward to the oppourtunity to shop as soon as I get paid! Too bad the plane tickets were too much for Meghan to make it out there...that sucks!

Sara said...

I would love that! I miss you guys. I can't wait to move back. I just bought the oval template cutting thing from Creative Memories :) What a great Birthday Present.

YEAH - I Love Scrapbooking!!

(Because I'm HORRIBLE at remembering Birthdays - Happy Early Birthday!)

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

Yeah, so I couldn't edit that last comment, so I just deleted it. Part of my sleep - in - day - off fog and I didn't quite get what was being said. Anyway, no, I have not seen Steph's scrapbook, and yes, I am quite disappointed. Next time, perhaps.