Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More Pictures!

Because the last photos were such a hit, I thought I would share a few more!

This first one is us at the park with Malachy last Sunday during Dundee's Heritage fest!

Here is the super cute and sweet baby malachy all snuggled up with his favorite blanket that KC's Mom made him!

Here is Malachy fast asleep in the car!

Every time we put Malachy in the car with socks or shoes on they are off (and usally soaked in drool) by the time we arive at our destination! he's soooo proud!

Here are Malachy and Madison at Denny's for a late night (9:30) snack! This was last night! They were soo cute and very good!

So fun!! I love pictures, it's hard to believe these little guys are nearly a year old! Yikes!


Lauren said...

I just wanted to mention that now that Malachy is older, he definitely is the spitting image of his daddy.

Crystal said...

Malachy is just so cute!

Sara said...

Malachy is too fricken cute! He is just adorable. I love that he takes his shoes & socks off. That's great :) Thanks for posting more pictures Steph!