Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

So the other night Mark was wishing farewell to 2005 and I commented," what was so special about 05 anyways" (somewhat joking) in which he responded,"well, Malachy turned 1, I got a promotion and you started a new job you love, we took a fun family vacation to Mass. and New York, then we toped it all off by buying a new home." So I thought ...he has got a point there. It's been a pretty eventful and good year!

There have certainly been some challenges. Early last spring it seems like everyone in my family made a trip to the hospital for one reason or another. I had to have surgery (again) and family members have had on-going and physicaly painful health struggles. Dad lost a job he had started to enjoy. Mark and I struggled financially after the birth of Malachy. More recently the loss of Tibor and Meg has been especially hard on Mom and Dad, we have all felt it.

While these struggles were all painful I'm very proud of how my family has carried each other. Mom and Dad have tried their hardest to be supportive while mourning with their friends. Our whole family has taken turns helping each other out financially when we could and we have taken care of each other through the medical challenges.

I think this year has been one in which we have all grown a great deal and I will not forget the lessons I learned anytime soon! Thanks to my family and friends who have supported, encouraged, and prayed for us this year. Mark and I are confident God has answered many prayers.

My hopes for 2006:
That we would continue to surrender to Christ
That I would grow in Self-control. (Work harder, Gossip less, be more patient and generous)
Have more babies =)

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