Thursday, September 01, 2005

I still feel Sick!

Yuck, I'm still sick! (not as bad as Kimmy) but enough to be highly annoying! I feel naushish, dizzy, and have a headache every time I eat! And I have the smallest appatiete ever I have to make myself eat! Thats untop of my cold! It's been almost 2 weeks now...aarrrggghhh


Lauren said...

at least you're not the human empty-pit that I've been this week. I would rather no appetite any day.


Are you getting enough fluids? 64oz minimum of water, daily.

Get a good night of sleep. ... dope yourself up on nyquil and tell mark that Malachy is all his for the next 12 hours.

Are you eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and taking a multi-vitamin every day?
Orange juice is a cure-all.

Don't drink pop or have too much sugar (except cake... cake is okay).
Lay off caffeine too, its not good for you.

Sara said...

I hope you feel better Steph!

Lauren said...

not the best for being sick, but I think the CIDER you're looking for is made by Woodchuck. It was the Granny Smith "flavor" I think. I know they carry it at Binny's Beverages but you might also find it at Dominicks or Woodmans -- though a liquor storm would likely be the best bet.

Lauren said...

I wonder what a liquor storm would be like... interesting. But, I meant liquor store.

Crystal said...

Don't let her fool you she's not that sick, just sick in the head!!!