Monday, September 05, 2005

gotta love em!

I just thought I would share some more phots with ya'll becuase crystal had such cute ones on her blog! These are all like a month (or more) old. The other cute baby is Madi paddi!
Madison and Malachy BFF's!

Malachy dosen't like to share his toy's yet!

opp's again! I stink at posting phots the wrong way! That glistening crease in his tummy is indeed full of spit! Yummy!

His hair is practicaly in his eyes when it gets wet now!

Why are you doing this to me! After this experience Kim refused to feed him "meat in a jar"


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Lauren said...

in that first photo, they look SO BIG!!! Like, they look like 18 mos. olds. How did that happen???

Crystal said...

Cute pics Steph, thanks for posting them. Maddie looks so cute and funny in the big onesy.

I am so excited that Mali is starting to walk. I actually told Katie that I think he is going to walk soon. He is only 10 months old that is CRAZY! So fun!

I am not really sick with anything; just not doing well is all. I did have a terrible headache.

I had to put the word verification thing on my blog too! Everyone is, darn spamers!

Lauren said...

I had a dream last night that noah was away and I was living with my parents and , get this, my kid?!?!? Weird dream. Anyway, the point is that in my dream my kid was 6 mos old and walking. I kid you not it was like what everyone was commenting on in the dream. Weird.