Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time!

I Don't really know what to post about! Mark and I were going to go to Michigan this weekend for Jeff's party but then we ended up not going...Which was sad! The problem was, we would of had to pay for it by credit card and we just took out a loan to pay off our credit cards so that would be counter productive! Plus Malachy has been really sad lately...we think it's because he just cut 2 new teeth. Also we have been really busy and are both exhausted and grumpy with eachother. Mark and I don't travel well. Crystal was talking in small group about how much fun they he traveling as a family and I was thinking NOT US! I can't drive, Mark has a hard time staying awake...he's not a huge talker and I don't like his music so we both get bored and I'm thinking we're going to die the whole time because I'm so paranoid. So as much as it would have been nice to see the Vanderkoois I think it was best we didn't go.

Mark worked on Todd and Kelli's wedding video and I tried to wrangle the baby. He has become a hand full that little guy! We did take him to the park and the play center at the mall this weekend. I try to let the kid have some fun!

Some interesting news...we did talk to a mortgage broker who said we were approved for an FHA loan up to 175. I think that was with out my income but we don't want anything that would lock me into working for ever! So we have been doing a little looking around on the internet at houses. It seems like we would have to move to Hoffman Estates or Cary to find what we are looking for (3 bedroom, 2 bath, not a fixer uper) under 175! I'm just not sure if it makes more since to wait 6 months and get our credit scores up. Our relater pal told us the market is shifting from a sellers market to a buyers market now so it may be a good time to buy...will see.

I had a party with my promiseland production team this weekend and it was a lot of fun! I have a family that serves on my team and they let us have it at their house...Which was great! The father, Roy, borrowed this amazing camera from his work! It was a digital SLR worth over 10,000 (with the lens) I took so many pictures it was sooo much fun! The sad thing was the camera was on auto and we accidently didn't have the exposure set right so most of them didn't turn out...bummer! But it was still fun to play with! He says he can borrow it when ever he wants so next time we have a party I can try again!


Steph Stanger said...

the pics have nothing to do with the post. I just added them to trick people into reading the post! =) I dunno why I made them so big ...sorry!

Lauren said...

Cary is such a nice place to live. I mean, I grew up close to it and we did.do most of our shopping, etc. over in the Cary/FRG/Crystal Lake area.
Plus, the few times a year that Noah and I are home staying at my parents' house, you'd be close!

Though, I can say that the Hoffman Estates Fire Dept. is AMAZING (GO Dad!)and so you'd be okay if you ever had a fire or other emergency needing firemen or paramedics. Plus, Hoffman is close(r) to Willow.

Crystal said...

Cool Steph, sounds like you had a very productive weekend. I think it's smart to buy a house if you can, at least you are investing your money into something. I knew you guys could get approved for a loan.

Michigan was so fun and I was so glad I got to see Jami. Every time I see her it's like we were never apart, I am so comfortable around her. I am going to post about it all soon.