Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Where did all my time go?!?!

Sorry I have not kept up on the blogging lately! Mark and I had a busy weekend! If you have not caught on by now, when I say weekend, I'm referring to Sunday afternoon thru Tuesday. Sunday night I went with Kim to an Art club kind of thingy at church. I think she enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too, but Kim is for sure the bigger artist.

Monday Mark and I went "house hunting" with our fun realtor Ann. We saw a super cute condo in Hoffman Estates only 5 min. from church! There were some not as cute but bigger townhomes in Cary like 24 mins from church. So the hunt is still on, we're going out again later this week I think. I'm liking Hoffman Estates right now. It would be REALLY nice to be that close to work! Monday night Mark and I started Marriage Matters...I'm excited and nervous about it. I think it may be a little more intense then I thought it was going to be. And it feels like it has already got complicated a week into it. But Mark says "we paid for it and were going to stick to it". Don't get me wrong I do enjoy it, I just like keeping things simple. I know that having focused time away from Malachy and TV to talk about our relationship is going to be really beneficial. Will see how it all works out! It feels like the same topics we already did in Fit to be tied...but... we really got a lot out of our time there!

This morning Kim and I took Piper to the Vet! We got Hard Core Flea medicine for ALL the kitties at her house. (Including the kitten) So I that was great! Piper had a fever so she couldn't get shots and we will have to go back in two weeks for those. We did get Piper some medicine though so hopefully she will feel better soon. She was really good at the Vet. I think it was harder on Kim then it was on Piper! This will be along process because after Piper gets her shots there are 2 more kitties to get shots! I'm hoping to have it all done before we move but I'm not sure how that will work with the $$! Mark and I have to come up with some "Ernest Money" when we are ready to make an offer and we will also need $$ for the appraiser and Inspection. Other then that everything can be rolled into our loan! So it might take some hardcore budgeting on our part for a little while but I think we can manage it and it will be sooo worth it to start building equity!

This is a conference week at church and we have a staff meeting so I know it's going to be busy. TV was Great tonight hopefully can post on that tomorrow!

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Crystal said...

I need to know if you got my e-mail about switching groups.