Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My head hurts and I'm grumpy but I like TV

So today has been pretty long and blah....with no dinner in sight to break up the time between now and new community! I can't wait to get home, hug Malachy, and watch Lost. Wednesdays get really long, especially when Kim doesn't come to church and sit with me before New Com. Oh well.

Last nights Gilmore Girls was great! When are those ladies going to make up already! Probably as soon as Rory realizes how crazy she is being. I did actually feel a little sorry for her this week. She seemed so lonely. The Office was also hilarious and suprisingly touching! Tuesday night TV gets an A in my book! Will see how Lost does tonight, I doubt I will be disappointed!

Tomorrow Mark and I have to try to get the Brakes fixed on his car, get him some new glasses, get Malachys formula and food at Wal-mart and do 6 loads of laundry at the laundry mat all before I have small group but after we get some work done at home! Yikes it will be a marathon of a day. I hope we get to go look at houses again soon. I already found the one I want now I just have to convince Kim and Mark so we can put in an offer before it sells and the weather turns cold! Exciting.... I hope it all works out!


Lauren said...

did you notice that Gilmore Girls had like 5.2 billion commercials though? I would bet that the show time to commercial time was equal, or even more time for commercials. I was a bit upset. I was also upset that it seemed like a "filler episode" which is not cool in the beginning of the season when I want Roray to be killed in a horrible accident and for Luke and Lorelai to marry and have babies! (Okay, maybe Rory can just be shipwrecked to some deserted island instead of being killed off... but I'm not into her right now). I have such a short attention span for stories on tv now, likely thanks to tv on dvd. oh well.

Sara said...

Did you watch Lost? Wasn't it good? I was so creeped out but it was SO good.

Crystal said...

If you want to cancel small group tomorrow we can. I am busy all day too tomorrow. I am helping Corey clean at my mom's all day because she is moving in on Friday. Plus I have to clean my house and take Pippy to the vet at 6:45 pm to get her stitches removed.

Oh ya, and I would love to watch Malachy for you when you look at houses. As long as I don't have any previous engagements, I would LOVE it.