Thursday, September 08, 2005

Malachy's birthday...destroyed!

SOOO...we can't have Malachy's b-day party at church! I'm sooo bummed! I don't know what we will do now because I have already invited everyone I know (well almost). And we will not all fit in my apartment! I'm sooo bummed! I was really excited about it too. Maybe we could have it in the church parking lot, that will get em!


Lauren said...

That is a big bummer! Could you have it at your parents' house?
If I were still in town, I'd offer up my parents' house which has plenty of room, but that would be weird since I'm not there.

Crystal... do not read any further!!!

I know, have it at Crystal's house. I'm sure she won't mind. But have it like a suprise party, only it will be a suprise when you and everyone you know shows up at her house expecting a party. It might just work. Think about it.

Crystal said...

Ya Steph my house is always open to you (sorry Lauren I couldn't resist!). Seriously though, you are more than welcome to have it here, I would LOVE it! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

You could also have it at Randall Oaks park like I am! Heck we could even do it at the same time and have a HUGE party! Or 2 seperate party's is super fun too. You can still do your pumpkin carving at the park or here.

Crystal said...

Emily just threw up!

Lauren said...

Steph, (in re your comment to me) Rest assured that as long as I'm around, your little brother will be well taken care of, just as he takes very good care of me too. We're good. Thanks for the support.

Anonymous said...

Steph, why can't you have it at church?

What about renting a room at your local park district?
- sandy

Crystal said...

Time to post something new!!!!

Lauren said...

Amen to that, Crystal!