Sunday, January 29, 2006

20 Random things about Mark:

I was tagged by Sara to do this a while back and I'm just getting to it now....Crystal also did one on her blog...

1. Mark loves his job and I think he is doing a great job and learning so much, I'm really proud of him.
2. Mark can speak "communicative" Russian and lived in Moscow for 2 years.
3. Mark feels he is often attributed motives that just aren't there(mostly by Kim and I) ...he's a pretty simple guy.
4. Mark went to private school the majority of his life.
5. Mark has need new glasses for almost 2 years now and keeps allowing me to put it off and spend our money on other things.
6. Mark has been to Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungry, Romania, Austria, Latvia, and Russia. ( I have never been out of the country)
7. Mark is the most sound sleeper I have ever met, and he is very slow when he first wakes up.
8. Mark has to tuck in his undershirt otherwise his belt pulls on his tummy hairs...he hates that.
9. Mark gets really mad when I talk while I'm yawning
10. Often times when I ask Mark if he just farted his response is, "I don't know" and he's serious.
11. Mark took 2 years to edit his best friend Todd's wedding year to finish ours.
12. Mark is often eager to help people (especially at work) and never feels resentful or burdened by it.
13. Mark really likes beef villa and his favorite fast food meal is a bacon cheesburger.
14. Mark spent the first 2 years of our relationship trying to convince me that Des Moines, IA is bigger then Schaumburg. (apparently he was right)
15. Mark really misses playing Basketball and hopes to get a bike and a camcorder this summer (or sooner)
16. Marks favorite video games are sports ones and not the shot 'em up type...but he also likes his world domination computer game called civilization.
17. Mark is really good at geography and all that other stuff we were suppose to memorize in school but I never did.
18. Mark's favorite family vacation would be camping and hiking somewhere out west like Colorado or Montana. (I like beaches and Malls)
19. Mark can't wait to play tee ball with Malachy.
20. Mark pretends like he dosen't like Kim's cats but you can tell he is pretty attatched to Piper. He does however, want to get Malachy a dog sometime soon.


Sara said...

Hey Steph...
That was SO fun!! I wish I knew Mark a little better and this makes it so fun, because now I know a little more about him. I can't wait to move back and hang out with you guys!!

BTW... what is with the game Civilization? Steve is completely hooked on it too. He could play that game 24/7 if I let him. It's crazy!

That's so cute about playing T-Ball with Malachy. Do you think he will coach? It's so cute to watch them play.... they run all over in different directions... really cute!!

Thanks Steph!!
PS - You're Dad is so cute!! He answered me back about the "Happy
Farmers". YOu know what's funny. All my friends say it too know. Because they thought it was hilarious. I always tell them the story and it makes them laugh too ;)

Chris said...

He doesn't know when he farts, eh?

One unique thing I remember about Mark when we lived together was his penchant for Jackie Chan movies. If Mark brought two movies home, one would be ol' Jackie, without fail.