Friday, January 20, 2006


Hey Dad, I was trying to get ahold of you last night but you must have been out with Lou or something! I hope you are enjoying your week. Can you give me a call or leave a comment so I don't worry about you! Love ya, Steph


Crystal said...

What a funny little post. =o)

Andy said...

Hi Steffo,

Thanks for thinking of me. I did go to Jason and Dee's Wednesday night and had a nice time.

Then I went out with Lou last night and we had fun. Skip went with us and we started out at Clanagh (sp?) and finished at Wild Buffalo Wings with a stop at Bonefish in between.

I hope Mommy will be looking forward to a quiet weekend. Maybe you guys could come over Saturday evening for sandwiches or something.

I'll call you tonight.


Crystal said...

I meant funny in a cute way...I'm sure you knew that though.

YAY! Mr. Traynor is OKAY!!