Sunday, January 22, 2006


Bad day at work...I mean everyones nice and all I just feel like a failure. It's not really my fault it's more like the VCR's fault but if stuff goes wrong and I'm the one in charge and I can't fix it then I'm the failure...yuck...I'm stressed and tired I need to go to bed!

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Lauren said...

I hope your yesterday got better!
Max, Sammy, and Audrey all send their love and wish they could be there to snuggle with you on bad days.

Isn't it weird that sleep is like an escape? Like, it is not good enough to just lock yourself away from as many annoyances as possible. You HAVE to just sleep and get completely away, to a place where those negative things cease to exist.
... at least that is how I feel on the subject.

Noah and I love you Steph!

P.S. I'm really excited that you guys are coming to visit next month!