Tuesday, January 10, 2006

24 and baby drama

Oh my goodness...I can't believe it is almost here!! Every time I see the preview I start to tear up...Im that excited!! Man this is when you REALLY want a babysitter...so you can stay home and watch Jack uninterrupted. Maybe I will have to try that Draphamine everyone always suggest!! (Just Kidding...Don't worry I won't drug my kid so I can watch tv...I promise!)

FYI...I think Gilmore Girls was good...I couldn't really pay attention. Malachy threw himself into the pillows on my bed but missed and hit his head on the wall causing blood to come out of his mouth and then he rolled off the bed onto the floor...after shaking all the contents of his bottle onto my comforter. So I was more then alittle distracted.

On the subject of Malachy...He has had a pretty nasty cold for about 12 days now. He has been getting low grade fevers on and off and today and yesterday he would only eat half of what he normally eats!!! Plus he has had diarrhea the last 2 days!! He went to the doctor last week to get his shots and I asked the doctor about the cold. Doc said he was fine and that was that. BUT I think 12 days is long enough. I have a full work week ahead of me but I think Thursday will have to be a half day because I need to take him back to the doctors! I will have to break out the credit card for the co-pay. I hid it so I wouldn't feel easily tempted and I have no idea where it is...doh!


Scott said...

24 rules.

Lauren said...

Hey, I think I still have this week's Gilmore Girls on my TiVo. Want me to record it onto a VHS for you?