Saturday, January 21, 2006

oh man!

So it looks and more tragicly feels like we got almost a ft. of snow here last night! If my batteries were not dead in the camera you would all be shocked and horrified. Mark and I spent the better half of the morning trying to come up with $500 and a pal with a van to get us to Sears to purchase a snow blower. After we realized that wasn't going to happen we set out shoveling. Poor husband is still out there. I had to quit becase I'm in so much pain. The worst part is we were both pretty sick going into this morning and now we feel even more crapy with a full weekend ahead of us! I hope I make it! Tear down tomorrow is going to suck!


Steph Stanger said...

oh and here it is 11 and our street still hasn't been plowed. We have watched numerous neighbors try to get out and spin their wheels for a good 15 min till others came to aid them and pushed them down the street!! I have to be at work in 1/2 hour lets hope our neighbors will be eager to help us. =)

Lauren said...

If you can make it through this season using the shovel, I'd say do. It is much cheaper to buy things in the off-season. Like, don't buy a convertible in June... know what I mean? Also, I'll bet you can find a good used one at a garage sale or on craigslist/in the classified section/on an ad board.

Though, I totally understand wanting a snowblower.

Did you knwo that my dad used to shovel our driveway? that was a long time ago, though. Now he has a plow and chains for the tractor.

Snow removal stinks, no matter how you cut it.

Sara said...

I'm sorry Steph, that stinks. I was looking at all the snow on crystal's blog (she posted pictures). I'm sorry, shoveling bites :(