Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sorry I haven't posted lately!

So I have been pretty busy lately! We have implemented a schedule for taking care of Malachy so that Kim can have more of a life. And it's definietly a good thing because Malachy is mine and Marks baby and Kim deserves to have a life and be able to work on her paintings. The only problem is Mark keeps taking on additional things at work when he is suppose to have Malachy which means I have to cover for him. Then when I don't have Malachy and Mark does I have to try and keep up with all the house work (dishes, laundry, vacume...) The only down time I get is 9-11 after Malachy goes to bed. Which is usally spent watching whatever TV shows I taped that day. (24, lost, Gikmore Girls!) And I also get to go to small group on Thursdays. And thats about it! So needless to say there isn't much time for me to blog or leave comments but I still read everyones blog regularly!

Yesterday Mark and I were trying to find him glasses for under a $1oo...didn't happen...but he did find a place called The Little Gym and we sighned Malachy up for classes!! I couldn't be more excited! We start next tuesday morning it is once a week for 45 mins and both Mark and I are going to go and join Malachy. It cost more then we probably should have commited too but we have talked about doing something likes this for a long time and we just never did it so we thought lets just bite the bullet and do it! I think Malachy will really enjoy it....I was doing cart wheels the other day and he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen!

Other then that not much going on. I couldn't be more excited about 24!! It has been soooo good! (some of the writting is a little unbelievible like the Jack I know would never let a bad guy get away so he could have a little cuddle time with his girlfriends son) but I have grace because it is a kick butt show!

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