Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dad's Notre Dame Party!

Here are some pictures from the big game! (ND lost, we were all sad) The first pic is Mark, Kim, Noah, and Lauren with the Becker Boys!! I thought Sara would be shocked to see how old they are! Phil will be a Freshman next year!! Crazy how time flys!! Hope you are all having a great 06! I would type more but I'm scared of waking up Malachy!! For a more colorful discription of the party visit Marks blog!


Andy said...

Steffy and Mark - Thanks for hosting the game day event. It was a great party and everyone went home happy in spite of the outcome of the game.

Sara said...

That looks like SO much fun Steph!! Thanks for posting the pictures! I can't believe how big the Becker boys are. That's just crazy. It seems like yesterday when we were watching them. Eeek.. we're getting old :(