Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I hate money! Because of Christmas, traveling to Iowa, and an increase in bills...Mark and I have found ourselves in a bit of financial trouble. We are currently overdrawn abour $120 on both accounts and don't get paid till Friday! This is when you have to get creative about meals and how to conserve gas!! After we will get paid we should be fine but poor Mark will have to put off getting new glasses for another month! (it's already been over a year...he's been a troopper!) And we will need to go without some things seeing as with overdraft fees will be starting the pay period with 300 dollars less then normal...bummer! WE have been doing ok with balancing the new house and all but it's only been a few months so far...I hope we will get better disciplined about heat, water, and food consumption! I'm a sucker for turning the heat up and Kim likes to take 2 baths a day to help her muscles relax. We all like to eat! =) Mark however is the best at saving money, I must give him that. His weakness is going out to lunch at work...it is hard to say no to that!

Here's hoping for a frugle January!


Crystal said...

Ah been there, done that...oh wait...still there, still doing that. Ah, good times!

Hang in their friend.

Lauren said...

it is the exact opposite for Noah and myself: He has a hard time staying away from Borders and EB Games (is that what that store is called?) and he would eat out for three meals a day if I weren't the nagging money conservation agent that I am. I love to spend money too -- honestly, what girl doesn't? -- and it is trying to say "no" and to use good impulse control at times, but ya do what you gotta do. This grown-up stuff is a real drag. :o) Really, I just hate having to tell Noah that he can't get new games sometimes or that we should just eat the food we have at home. And I hate that he gets really really mad at me sometimes when he can't get a game, because it's not like I'm trying to be mean... but he just thinks I'm a controlling b**** and that I like it or something. And I digress.

Anyhoo, sorry to hear that you're in the pits right now. We'd help you out but we're still recouping a little from Christmas ourselves and also tryingtot save money so I can take off the last couple weeks before Noah deploys so we can spend extra time together. Man, that is just creeping up on us now -- only about 4-6 weeks to go... scary.

Hang in there!

Crystal said...

I just noticed I used the wrong spelling for there...oh well.